Happy New Year: Earth is Amazing

NASA recently published a 4K version of an audiovisual amalgam of the iconic Earthrise photo made by Apollo 8’s astronaut William Sanders on the 24th of December 1968, a 3D mapping of lunar photography, and the voice-recording of the crew onboard the spacecraft.

It allows us to witness in real time the events unfolding leading up to the moment it was captured. We can hear Anders’ crew-mate Borman joking: ‘Hey, don’t take that, it’s not scheduled.’ We are glad Anders was not the type to take everything literally.

In an interview with The Guardian, Anders noted his experience had even changed his religious views, in fact, undercutting them.

Well, while we are not concerned with whether it changes one’s existential views on life and the universe or not, we do hope you enjoy witnessing their voice-recorded awe and amazement for this precious little blue ball and its smaller grey companion whizzing around the big white ball for a whole new year.

We wish you a successful, loving, and all-along-the-line gorgeous new trip in the vast emptiness of the fabric of the cosmos.

Featured image: NASAApollo 8 Crew, Bill Anders; Processing and License: Jim Weigang